Our Story

Even when I was a little girl, I had a passion for fashion!  I remember my Mom telling the story of me going to a garage sale and buying a pair of red high heels that I would clomp around in!  This continued through out the years from drawing designs on paper, sewing my creations and then into college where I studied Fashion Design and Merchandising.  After college I worked my way up from sales associate to store manager of a major retail store.  This was all fine, until my first daughter was born, and working retail was not ideal for a small family.  When my second daughter was born, I became a stay at home mommy.  This enabled me to use my creative side where I spent time scrapbooking, sewing and creating all sorts of home décor.  The next 5 years I kept busy going to numerous craft fairs with my little girls clothing and doll clothes.  I called my business Lilee Louise.  This is after my daughters middle names.  Brooklyn Lilly, Gracen Lee, and Landryn Louise. 

After my third daughter was born, life got a bit crazy when I decided to open up my shop.  My husband who is far from a fashionable man, has always been supportive so he encouraged me to go for it.  And this is where LILEE LOUISE BOUTIQUE began.  I started with a "shack" and made it as absolutely cute as I possibly could.  My tiny 16ft x 19ft shop was packed full of the latest trends for women and teens, doll clothes, a "work area", and I also offered tuxedo rental.  This was a huge leap of faith, and I had no clue in a town with a population of 455 if a boutique would even go over.  Lilee Louise took off with a tremendous support, and ever since I have been very blessed to continue to grow and grow!

With the growth a bigger shop was a must.  So I headed to my local bank, pitched him my ideas for a larger shop, and from that day forward Lilee Louise Boutique became the boutique of my dreams.  From my double turquoise doors, vaulted rustic wood ceiling, mason jar type lights, and a work room that I can actually work in, my heart was overfull, my dreams had come true.  This was only possible with the support of all of my loyal customers and new faces that I see!  I am truly blessed in so many ways, and I will strive to continue to offer affordable up to date fashions.

We are a family based locally grown store.  Occasionally you may see one, two or all three of my girls with me working, and maybe even my husband.  My mom Janet is my right hand lady!  She helps me with all of my craft fairs, sews my creations that I dream up when I don't have time, works the shop when I am gone, helps me with my crazy ideas, and is always there to support me!  As if this isn't enough family support, I have more!  My Dad even gets roped into projects at the shop.  But I think he avoids me when possible, knowing that I will have something for him to do.  My grandparents Gramps and Granny as we call them, they are also involved, Gramps helps me with all things that are more mechanical than I can even begin to create, and Granny is an endless supply of vintage and modern sewing supplies!  Wow, Again I am truly blessed with the most supportive, creative family!